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SMS client는 윈도우깊숙히 설치가 됩니다.
프로그램 추가/삭제에 들어가도 uninstall할 길이 없답니다…
오로지 uninstall 프로그램을 돌려야하죠…
advanced client는 그나마 삭제가 쉽지만..
lagacy client 삭제는 만만치 않은것같습니다….
여기에 client 삭제에 관한 문서를 싣습니다.

[#M_ Removing the Advanced Client more.. |Removing the Advanced Client less.. |
Remove the Advanced Client software by using the Ccmclean.exe tool. This tool is available for download on the Microsoft Web site at

If the client is installed on a management point, use the following syntax to prevent Ccmclean.exe from removing the management point:
Ccmclean.exe client_M#]

[#M_ Removing the Legacy Client more.. | Removing the Legacy Client less.. |
As described in Chapter 4, “Understanding SMS Clients” in the Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Concepts, Planning, and Deployment Guide, the Legacy Client software can be removed from client computers in a site by removing the SMS site boundaries from the site configuration. You can also use other methods to remove Legacy Clients, as described in this section.


• Removing the SMS client software from computers does not remove the clients from the SMS site database. Clients that are not updated are automatically purged from the SMS site database after a period of time, usually 30 days. If you want to remove these clients immediately from the SMS site database, use the SMS Administrator console to delete them.

When the Legacy Client is removed, the client loses the history of advertisements it ran. If the client is reinstalled later, it might re-run advertisements that were already run on the client.

Automatic Removal
The Legacy Client analyzes its site assignment every time the client refresh cycle runs (every 25 hours). The SMS Legacy Client software is automatically removed when it is no longer assigned to an SMS site. To remove the SMS client at the client refresh cycle, the client must be able to contact a CAP in its assigned site. If the client finds that it is no longer in the site boundaries, the client software is automatically removed.

If a Legacy Client cannot contact a CAP for its assigned site for 60 days, then the client software is automatically removed.

An efficient way to automatically remove all Legacy Clients in an SMS site is to remove the SMS site boundaries by using the SMS Administrator console. If you remove the site boundaries from the site configuration, allow enough time for the Legacy Clients to run their client refresh cycles. One and a half days is sufficient, but if some computers are turned off or are away from the SMS site, allow extra time for them to complete the cycle. This method does not work for Legacy Clients that have travel mode enabled.

Manual Removal
You can use the following command to display the Systems Management Installation Wizard. You select the Remove systems management components option, the SMS client component services are stopped, and their files and directories are deleted. You must have administrative credentials on the computer to do this.

You can use the following command to remove all SMS client components. This aggressive option, which uses the /U switch, is appropriate when the client is not fully functional and might not be able to perform an orderly removal. The SMS client component services are stopped, and their files and directories are deleted.
SMSman.exe /U

You are prompted to confirm that you want to delete the SMS client. If you do not want that prompt, also include the /Q switch to specify quiet mode.
SMSman.exe /U /Q

The following command is the same as using SMSman.exe without any switches and selecting Remove systems management components option, except that the Systems Management Installation Wizard is not displayed.

bat /U


• bat is included in the SMS 2.0 Support Tools, which is available for download from the Microsoft Web site at

The following command is the same as 20clicln.bat, except that it also deletes %Windir%SMScfg.ini. The next time the SMS client software is installed, the client is given a new GUID.

20clicln.bat /scrub

Setting the following registry value to TRUE causes an automatic removal:

HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftSMSClientConfigurationClient PropertiesSMS Client Deinstall_M#]

[#M_ Repairing SMS Clients more.. | Repairing SMS Clients less.. |
Reinstalling SMS clients can be useful when:
• Clients have outdated or incorrect security information. For example, the account or password for the SMS Client Connection account is incorrect.

• Clients are not behaving correctly, and you suspect the problem is related to missing or corrupted SMS software components on the clients.

Reinstalling clients to repair them does not require removing the core SMS client components first._M#]

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